Charge Sunne with USB cable

Charge Sunne with USB cable

Sunne is designed to be charged autonomously through the integrated solar panel. However, sunlight is not always available and sometimes you want to enjoy the glow of your Sunne for a longer period than the sun's energy provides. Especially during wintery days where the sunlight is scarce and contains less energy.

Your Sunne is equipped with an USB-C port so you can give it a boost charge. While USB-C is the new European standard for charging, we find that there are many different cables and power supplies, some work better then others. We suggest using a USB 3.2 or higher cable and a charger rated for minimum of 2 A (2000 mA) charge current.

We know that depending on where Sunne hangs, there may not be a power outlet nearby. We therefore created the Power Kit. This includes a portable power bank, that can sit on top of Sunne for convenient charging. 
Sunne Power Kit
Sunne charging

In our webshop, we also offer a validated cable available for purchase. It is two metres long, so it may reach a power outlet. 
Sunne USB-C cable 2 m

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